Franklin County SWCD

Office information:

Location: 10165 Oxford Pike

Brookville, IN 47012

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Phone: (765) 647-2651 ext.3


Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm

Closed weekends & holidays

*Due to the nature of our work, there will be times the office must be closed.  Please call ahead before visiting.   

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8th Annual Arbor Day Tree Give-away and Canned Food Drive


  The Franklin County SWCD will be holding the 8th annual tree giveaway and food drive on Arbor Day April 26th beginning at 9 AM. Over 700 tree seedlings will be available on a first come first serve basis at the office. There will be a limit of 5 trees per person.  A variety of tree seedlings will be available including: white oak, maple, Norway spuce, white pine, persimmon, Viginia pine, and pecan. Trees provide many vital services to our community by producing oxygen, creating shade, reducing runoff, preventing erosion, and creating habitat for a variety of wildlife species. Again this year, we are asking for canned food donations, which will be donated to SEIOC food pantry and Works of Mercy Center in Brookville. While donations are not required to recieve trees, they are greatly appreciated






New Watershed Project: Salt-PIpe Creek Watershed


The Decatur County SWCD was recently awarded a 205(j) Grant from the IDEM for the Salt-Pipe Creek Watershed. The $84,778 grant will provide funds to develop a watershed management plan and do education/outreach for the next 2 years. When complete, the watershed management plan will be a reference for the watershed area. It will contain a lot of data and information about the land and water along with identifying problems, causes, sources, and critical areas of the watershed. 


District Supervisors:

Michael Schwab--Chair

David Hartman--Vice-Chair

Michael Schwegman--Secretary

Darin Hodapp-Supervisor

Tim Hofer--Supervisor

Associate Supervisors:

Roger Bommer

Lee Giesting

Clinton McNally

Eugene Meyer

John Selm

Conservation Staff:

Kim Lampert--NRCS

Katie Hardin--SWCD




The Whitewater River Watershed project received $200,000 to provide a 70% cost-share on best management practices (BMP's) that will help improve the water quality of the Whitewater River. Examples of BMP's that may be eligible for cost-share are: cover crops, filter strips, grassed waterways, heavy use area protection, riparian buffers, prescribed grazing, watering facility and many more. In order to be eligible the land must be located within the Whitewater River Watershed project boundaries. A field visit will be conducted by the Watershed Coordinator to determine eligibility. Property that falls within the "High" priority areas and has a high ranking will be funded first. If money is still available, landowners located in the "Medium" priority areas will be eligible for funding in the summer of 2018. Cost-share funds will be available until February 2020 or when all money is allocated. Each applicant may receive up to a maximum of $8,000. All practices must be completed according to NRCS specifications. If you are interested in the cost-share program please contact Heather Wirth, Watershed Coordinator at or the Franklin County SWCD office.

       Eagles nesting on the Whitewater River


Osprey nesting in the Whitewater River Watershed


Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District   10165 Oxford Pike  Brookville, IN 47012-9414







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